Monday, November 2, 2009


Google is so much more than just a browser. Google provides a large number of Web 2.0 applications that are free to use:
  • Google Docs - shared editing of documents - wordprocessing, spreadsheets, presentation software
  • Google Forms - really part of Google Docs, and worth looking at - YouTube tutorial about Google Forms; Blog posting with instructions on how to create forms
  • Google Page Creator - edit and publish Web pages
  • Blogger - create and publish a blog
  • Gmail - web-based e-mail - with great spam filtering
  • Google Calendar - great use of AJAX in a shared calendar environment
  • iGoogle - a customizable AJAX-based startpage or personal web portal - features include the capability to add web feeds and Google Gadgets
  • Google News - create your own customized news profiles
  • Google SideWiki - leave helpful comments on ANY webpage
Google Assignment

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  1. Another online site is which offers a free online office suite (you can pay too for more features). I have used zoho to embed a spreadsheet in a page on Blackboard for example. I imagine that google docs can do the same thing.

    Great presentation! Thanks!